Red beans by Mama Lycha (Frijol rojo de seda) are a great addition to any pantry. These Mexican beans are dried, making them perfect for cooking your favorite recipes. With a net weight of 454gr, you'll have plenty of beans to make a variety of dishes.

Not only are these red beans tasty and versatile in the kitchen, they're also incredibly healthy. With high protein content, they're a great source of nutrition for anyone looking to eat a balanced diet. Mama Lycha's beans are a staple in authentic Mexican cuisine, and now you can bring that delicious taste to your own home.

Whether you're making a classic pot of frijoles de la olla or adding some protein to your salads, these red beans are a must-have in your kitchen. And with Mama Lycha's seal of authenticity, you know you're getting the real deal. So why wait? Add Mama Lycha's Frijol rojo de seda to your cart and start cooking up some delicious and healthy meals today!

Red Beans 454gr | Frijol Rojo de Seda | By Mama Lycha

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