This guide will let you know everything about Sombrero Latin cheeses and their important facts like textures, level of salt, how to use them, how are they mostly known in different Latin American countries, recipe ideas, and more!

We produce our cheese with the Latin American recipe which is what makes them so special!

And remember that they are made with 100% Canadian Milk and we support the local industry.


SOMBRERO COTIJA is the perfect cheese for grating and crumbling! 

It will add a delicious touch of flavor and salt to any dish as fine or thick as you wish.

Try it with olive oil and bread, try it with arepas, pupusas, tacos, or crumbled over a soup or salad. Anything and everything goes well with SOMBRERO COTIJA






Authentic, salty, delicious cheese.

This cheese is on the harder and saltier side, traditional to Central America, and often used for baking. 

Great for grating and crumbling, made with 100% Canadian milk. 

Try it over salads, soups, tacos, chilaquiles, really anything that needs a quick flavour! 



ASADERO is one of the most universal fresh Latin cheeses. It's perfect for grilling, grating, and baking! 

No matter what name or preparation you decide, there are no wrong answers for this authentic, mid-salt, delicious cheese.





OAXACA It’s a magical cheese that tastes like the best fresh mozzarella, it pulls apart like string cheese if you’re wanting a fun snack, and it melts like an absolute dream.

Oh, and it comes all rolled up in this fun little coil, so all you need to do is cut off a little 2-inch piece to pop inside of your quesadillas. SO delicious.




Queso PANELA also called queso canasta or queso de la canasta (basket cheese).

Is a Mexican cottage cheese made from pasteurized cows and skimmed milk.

This white, fresh and smooth cheese is similar to Indian paneer and is gluten-free. 



Duro Blando is a dry, aged cheese with a firm yet crumbly texture.

It is salty and strong flavoured providing a somewhat nice mild smoky flavour that goes perfectly with quesadillas, pupusas, salads, enchiladas, tostadas, refried beans, pasta, and traditional bean dishes


Queso Fresco is a fresh, unripened, semi-soft white cheese. 

It has a soft body and can be cubed, sliced, or grated. Perfect for grilling and for eating fresh. 

 Use it as a filling or topping for enchiladas, peppers, sandwiches, arepas, quesadillas, toast, or anything you want!