This product is a MUST in your Latin food experience

In Venezuela they call them Cachapas, in Colombia Arepas de Choclo and in North America Sweet Corn pancakes....regardless of the name, they are simply delicious :)

Just warm them up on a pan, add the toppings of your choice and enjoy!

The most classic topic is simply butter and Fresh Latin Cheese. In that case we recommend using Sombrero Panela on the inside and grated Cotija on the outside....both will soften with the heat and the butter...yum!

Other popular toppings include pulled pork, shredded chicken or beef, ham and cream among others.

Each pack comes with 12 mini Cachapas, perfect for a party or just for an everyday meal. 

Mini Cachapas or Sweet Corn Pancakes by Panna, 680gr (12 Mini Cachapas)

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