Our H2 grade Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks by Sombrero are the perfect addition to your pantry! These cinnamon sticks are not only high-quality but also, ensure that you are getting the most natural and pure form of cinnamon possible. As premium cinnamon sticks, they are perfect for adding flavour to your favourite teas, desserts, and even natural cleaners.

Each package contains 145gr of cinnamon sticks, giving you plenty to work with. The Sombrero Cinnamon Sticks are specifically chosen for their H2 grade, which means they contain a high level of essential oils, making them the perfect choice for culinary and cleaning purposes.

These Cinnamon Sticks for Tea will give you a warm and comforting flavour that complements any tea blend. Simply steep a cinnamon stick in your tea for a delicious and healthy twist.

If you have a sweet tooth, these Cinnamon Sticks for Desserts will add an extra layer of flavour and aroma to your baked goods. Grind them up and add to your favourite recipes for a unique and delicious taste.

Overall, these Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks are a must-have for any kitchen. Their premium quality and versatility make them a great value for the price. Try them out today and taste the difference.

H2 Grade Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks | Palitos De Canela | Sombrero 145gr

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