De La Rosa Pulparindo Tamarind Candy is a popular choice among candy lovers and is a traditional Mexican candy that is known for its unique sweet and sour taste. This candy is a perfect blend of tangy tamarind flavor and sweetness, making it a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Each package of De La Rosa Pulparindo Tamarind Candy comes with 20 units of candy, weighing a total of 280 grams. This means that you get plenty of candy to indulge in and share with your friends and family.

The candy is made by De La Rosa, a well-known Mexican candy brand that has been producing high-quality sweets for many years. The brand is known for its delicious and authentic flavors, and Pulparindo Tamarind Candy is no exception.

This candy is perfect for those who love sweet and sour candy, as it has a perfect balance of both flavors. The tamarind flavor is a unique twist that is not found in many other types of candy, making it a favorite among those who enjoy trying new things.

De La Rosa Pulparindo Tamarind Candy is a must-have for anyone who loves traditional Mexican candy. Its unique taste and high-quality ingredients make it stand out from other candies on the market. So, if you are looking for a new treat to try, be sure to give this candy a try.

Pulparindo Tamarind Candy 20 Pieces Box | Pulparindo Original | By De La Rosa

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