Looking for a delicious and nutritious ingredient to add to your favorite recipes? Look no further than our Blackberry Pulp!

Our Mora Pulp, also known as Blackberry Pulp, is made from only the highest quality blackberries available. We use organic blackberries that are carefully selected and processed to create a natural, unadulterated product that stands out for its rich flavor and vibrant color.

Each package contains 397 grams (14 ounces) of our premium Blackberry Pulp, making it a convenient choice for all your culinary needs. Whether you're making smoothies, jams, desserts, or sauces, this pulp will give your recipes a delicious and unique flavor.

We take pride in being a reliable Blackberry Pulp supplier, ensuring that only the best product is delivered to our customers. Our commitment to quality is evident in every package of our high-quality Blackberry Pulp for sale.

So why wait? Buy Blackberry Pulp today and experience the natural, delicious taste of our organic Blackberry Pulp for yourself!

Blackberry Pulp 397gr | Pulpa de Mora Colombiana | By SAS

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