Introducing our delicious Arepitas con Queso Doblecrema - the perfect snack or meal for any time of day! These scrumptious corn cakes are filled with double cream cheese, making them an irresistible treat for cheese lovers everywhere.

Each package of Sary X20/500gr contains 20 cheese-filled arepas, all made with traditional Colombian ingredients and prepared following the authentic recipe for this Latin American cuisine staple.

Not only are our Arepitas con Queso Doblecrema delicious and satisfying, they are also gluten-free, making them a perfect choice for those with dietary restrictions. These ready-to-eat arepas can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and are a great addition to any meal or snack time.

Whether you're a fan of traditional Colombian food or simply love trying new and exciting flavors, our Arepitas con Queso Doblecrema are sure to impress. So why wait? Order a package today and experience the mouth-watering taste of these cheesy, gluten-free arepas for yourself!

Pre-cooked Corn Arepitas With Cheese 20 Units (500Gr) | Arepitas con Queso | By Sary

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