Peruvian cuisine is famous for its bold flavors and unique spices, and one ingredient that stands out is the Peruvian panca pepper paste. Our 2 Peruvian panca pepper paste 2 x 7.5 Oz (Pasta de Aji Panca) is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of Peruvian flavoring to their dishes.

Each jar contains 7.5 Oz of this authentic Peruvian condiment, made from the finest Panca chili paste. This South American spice is an integral part of Peruvian cooking ingredients, adding a rich, smoky flavor to meats, stews, and vegetables alike. The Aji Panca paste is made by grinding dried Panca chili peppers into a paste, which is then mixed with vinegar, salt, and other spices.

Our 2 Peruvian panca pepper paste 2 x 7.5 Oz (Pasta de Aji Panca) is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with Peruvian cuisine or add an authentic touch to their dishes. Whether you are a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, this panca pepper paste is easy to use and will quickly become a staple in your pantry.

So why wait? Order your jar of Peruvian panca pepper paste today and start adding a touch of Peruvian flavor to your meals!

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Panca Pepper Paste 7.5 Oz x2 | Pasta De Aji Panca | By Tradiciones Andinas

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