Tequeños, also known as Palitos de Queso, are a delicious and convenient snack that are perfect for any party or gathering. These Pre-cooked Cheese Sticks are a must-have for anyone who loves cheese-based snacks and Venezuelan cuisine. With this pack of 100 Tequeños, you can easily provide your guests with a tasty and quick appetizer that requires no frying.

To prepare these Cheese Sticks, simply warm them up and enjoy! No frying is required, so you can avoid the mess and hassle of dealing with hot oil. These Tequeños are the perfect finger food for any occasion. They are quick and easy to serve, making them an ideal choice for busy hosts who want to offer their guests a delicious snack without spending hours in the kitchen.

Whether you are hosting a party or just looking for a quick and easy snack, these Pre-cooked Cheese Sticks are sure to satisfy. They are made with high-quality ingredients and are perfect for anyone who loves cheese-based snacks. So why wait? Grab a pack of Tequeños today and enjoy a taste of Venezuelan cuisine in the comfort of your own home!

Pre-Cooked Tequeños (Cheese Sticks) 100 Units | Tequeños Precosidos (Deditos De Queso, Palitos De Queso) | By Panna

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