Jarrito Pineapple (Piña) is a refreshing and delicious Mexican soda that comes in a pack of 24 x 370ml bottles. It is the perfect drink for those who love the taste of pineapple and enjoy a carbonated beverage.

This popular soft drink is commonly found in Mexico and has been enjoyed by locals for years. The Jarrito Pineapple soda has a sweet and tangy flavor that is sure to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. It is also a great option as a mixer for tropical themed cocktails.

Each bottle of Jarrito Pineapple contains the authentic taste of Mexico, with the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. It is made with 100% natural flavors and no artificial colors, making it a healthier alternative to other carbonated beverages.

Whether you are hosting a party, a barbecue, or simply enjoying a casual night in, Jarrito Pineapple is the perfect drink to share with friends and family. It is a great conversation starter and a fun way to introduce your guests to the authentic taste of Mexican soft drinks.

Overall, Jarrito Pineapple (Piña) is a must-try for anyone who loves pineapple soda, or is simply looking for a refreshing and unique beverage. Don't miss your chance to experience the delicious Jarrito Pineapple flavor for yourself!

Jarritos Pineapple Soda | Jarritos De Piña | 24 Bottles of 370ml

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