Introducing the delicious and versatile 2 Queso Fresco or Fresh Cheese by Sombrero, the perfect addition to any meal! This Mexican cheese is a must-have for any cheese lover, with its fresh and creamy taste that will tantalize your taste buds.

Each pack contains 2 x 270g (540g total) of this delectable cheese, making it the ideal size for an array of culinary creations. Whether you're using it for cooking, salads, tacos, or enchiladas, this cheese is sure to impress.

Queso fresco, also known as fresh cheese, is a staple in Mexican cuisine and has gained popularity worldwide due to its unique flavor and texture. Sombrero cheese has been crafting the perfect queso fresco for years, using only the highest-quality ingredients and traditional methods to ensure every bite is packed with flavor.

This 270g cheese is perfect for cooking, adding a creamy texture to any dish. Whether you're making a creamy pasta sauce, adding it to a casserole or using it in a quiche, this cheese will take your dish to the next level.

Looking for a delicious cheese to add to your salads? Look no further than this fresh cheese! Its crumbly texture makes it perfect for sprinkling on top of your favorite greens, adding a burst of flavor with every bite.

And let's not forget about using this cheese for tacos or enchiladas! Its tangy flavor pairs perfectly with spicy meats, adding a creamy balance to the heat.

In conclusion, this 2 Queso Fresco or Fresh Cheese by Sombrero is a must-have in any kitchen. With its versatility and exceptional taste, it's the perfect cheese for any occasion. So why wait? Add it to your cart today and start cooking up a storm with this delicious Mexican cheese!

Fresh Cheese 2x270Gr | Queso Fresco | By Sombrero

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