Introducing our premium selection of panela cheese by Sombrero, now available in a convenient 330-360 gram size. This cheese offers a fresh and authentic flavour that is sure to please any cheese lover.

Made exclusively with the highest quality ingredients, Sombrero panela cheese is the perfect addition to any dish, whether you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen or simply enjoying a delicious snack. Its unique texture and taste make it a versatile choice for salads, tacos, sandwiches, and more, adding a touch of Mexican flair to any meal.

At our company, we take pride in offering only the finest quality products, and our Sombrero cheese products are no exception. Our expert team carefully selects each piece of cheese to ensure the utmost freshness and flavour, and our commitment to fresh ingredients means that you can feel good about what you are eating.

Whether you are a fan of Mexican panela cheese or just looking to try something new, Sombrero panela cheese is sure to impress. Its creamy texture and subtle buttery flavour make it stand out from other types of cheese, and its versatility makes it a must-have in any kitchen.

So why wait? Try our fresh panela cheese today and discover the delicious taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. With Sombrero cheese products, you can be sure that you are getting the very best in quality and taste.

Panela Cheese 330-360Gr | Queso Panela | By Sombrero

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