Looking for a delicious and natural way to add some tropical flavor to your favorite dishes and drinks? Look no further than our Soursop Pulp and Guanabana Pulp! Our premium fruit pulps are made from 100% natural soursop and guanabana fruits, carefully chosen for their ripeness, sweetness, and juiciness.

Each can of our Soursop Pulp contains 397gr of the freshest and most authentic soursop fruit pulp you can find, while our Guanabana Pulp comes in a 14oz can full of premium guanabana fruit pulp. Both pulps are perfect for making smoothies, juices, desserts, and sauces, and can also be used as a natural flavoring for cocktails, teas, and other beverages.

What makes our Soursop Fruit Pulp and Guanabana Fruit Pulp so special is their natural taste and aroma. Unlike other fruit pulps that are loaded with preservatives and artificial flavors, our pulps are 100% natural and made from fresh, ripe fruits that are carefully processed to preserve their nutritional value and flavor.

Whether you're a foodie looking to experiment with new flavors, a health-conscious person who wants to add more fruits to their diet, or simply a fan of tropical fruits, our Soursop Pulp and Guanabana Pulp are the perfect choice for you. Try them today and discover the authentic taste of the tropics in every can!

Soursop Pulp | Pulpa De Guanabana | 397gr

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