Introducing the cheese trio by Sombrero - a gourmet selection of artisanal Mexican cheeses that will elevate your taste buds to a whole new level! This cheese trio includes three of the most sought-after varieties of cheese - one fresh, one Oaxaca, and one Panela cheese, each unique in its own way.

Let's start with the fresh cheese - it's called fresh for a reason! This cheese is made with high-quality milk and has a velvety texture that simply melts in your mouth. The fresh cheese is perfect for salads, sandwiches, and even as a topping for your favorite pizza.

Moving on to the Oaxaca cheese, also known as "quesillo" in Mexico, this variety is a stringy, semi-soft cheese that is perfect for melting. Its mild flavor and unique texture make it an excellent choice for quesadillas, enchiladas, and even as a topping for your morning toast.

Last but not least, we have the Panela cheese - a fresh, crumbly cheese that is perfect for salads and snacking. This cheese has a soft, delicate texture and a subtle, creamy flavor that pairs well with almost anything.

All three of these cheeses are made by Sombrero, a renowned Mexican cheese maker that specializes in artisanal, specialty cheeses. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques is evident in the exceptional taste and texture of each of their products.

Whether you're a cheese lover or simply looking to try something new, the cheese trio by Sombrero is a must-try! So go ahead, indulge in the flavors of Mexico with this delicious and versatile selection of cheeses.

Cheese Three Pack | Fresh Cheese, Oaxaca Cheese, and Panela Cheese | Queso Fresco, Queso Oaxaca, y Queso Panela | By Sombrero

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