Hibiscus flowers are filled with beneficial properties, that’s why it’s used to make hot and cold beverages across the world. Because of its worldwide popularity, this product has many names. 

In the Americas, it’s known as Flor de Jamaica and often used to make Agua de Jamaica

In Africa, it’s known as Kardadé in countries towards the north of the continent and as Bissap or Sobolo in countries towards the west. 

In Asia, roselle is prepared as a cold and sweetened beverage in some parts; while in others it’s combined with chinese tea leaves. 

In Europe, it’s known as Italian tea or Cardade tea, usually with sugar and lemon juice. 

Since our heritage at Sombrero is Latin, we are going to share some instructions to make Agua de Jamaica (a delicious Ice tea!):

  1. Mix water and dry hibiscus flowers together (4 cups : 1 ½ cups)
  2. Bring to boil and let simmer until flowers are soft
  3. Strain and remove the flowers
  4. Add another 4 cups of cold water and add sugar to taste

Our mission at Sombrero is to offer you the rich flavours from Latin America with Canadian standards of quality. Share your experience with us on Instagram @sombrerolatinfoods


Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

At Sombrero, we are food lovers! Specially food that makes you feel GOOD

So we want to share the benefits of Hibiscus tea, as reported by Oprah Magazine

  • Antioxidants: loaded with them! Antioxidants can help you fight against aging, reduce body inflammation and decrease the risk of illness and disease
  • Lowering Blood Pressure: studies have found that drinking Hibiscus tea can reduce blood pressure. However, If you've had heart complications or are taking medication to reduce blood pressure, please discuss with your doctor first
  • Diuretic Properties: this is probably the most famous benefit because it can lead to weight loss. Of course, nothing beats an overall healthy lifestyle!
  • Supports Immune System: Hibiscus tea contains Iron and Vitamin C, which can contribute to a healthy and balanced immune system 

This natural and amazing beverage is also used to fight cravings, to substitute caffeinated drinks and ironically it can be used both in cocktails AND to recover from a hangover after too many drinks!

Dry Hibiscus Flowers by Sombrero, 145gr. Great for Tea and a Vegan Meat Substitute! Flor de Jamaica

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