Authentic dried chile powder from Mexico, ready to be used

  • Authentic HABANERO CHILE from Mexico in a resealable bag, READY and EASY to use in DAY-TO-DAY cooking
  • This CHILI is very HOT, 100,000 - 350,000 on the Scoville Scale. That is over 10x hotter than jalapenos but still about 1/10 as hot as Ghost and Carolina Reaper peppers
  • This powder can be mixed with CREAM or MAYO to make the perfect dipping sauce. It can also be used on RUBS, MARINADES, mixed with FRUIT JAMS, salad DRESSINGS or even cocktails
  • Beyond Mexican, it can also be used for Caribbean, Tex-mex, Cajun and Thai Cooking. It can be used to make JERK CHICKEN since it’s similar to Scotch Bonnet, just slightly less sweet
  • Aside from the heat, HABANERO chilis are also known for its FRUITY and CITRUSY flavour, not common in other chile peppers
Dried Habanero Chile Powder

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