From the flowering acres of the sunny Dominican mountains, our coffee is like no other. The rich aroma of our Arabica beans encapsulates the coffee making traditions of the Dominican Republic.

These traditions have been honed to perfection over the course of three centuries therefore the secrets to the best coffee have been passed down through the generations, leading to the perfect cup to start your day right. Our fine Arabica beans have been harvested by hand before being carefully roasted to perfection.

Smooth yet rich, flavourful but well-balanced, our brew is never bitter and is low on acidity, leaving behind a smooth aftertaste. With subtle hints of roasted nuts and dark chocolate, the delicacy of these flavours is what provides a well-rounded balance to the velvety boldness of our delicious Dominican coffee. The result is an incomparable medium roast coffee that hits all the right notes and is simply heaven in a cup!

  • Field to table. One of only a few in the world. We own the fields where the coffee is grown.
  • 75 year old family business. 1800 Dominican employees and thousands of local growers.
  • Organic. No use of pesticides, or chemicals. Fair trade. Fair worker
  • All grown in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.
  • This is truly one of the finest coffees in the world. Smooth. Full of flavor. No bitterness. No aftertaste. No acidity.

Formerly distributed in Canada by Dominican Sierra Group and sold online on https://dominicansierragroup.com/, now this delicious Dominican coffee is sold by Sombrero Latin Foods and shipped nationwide, including Quebec, BC, Ontario, every province!  

Cafe Santo Domingo Whole Beans - 1 Lb

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