At Sombrero, we are all about taking the exciting flavours of Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean to the homes of Canadians. Here are some of the key brands we carry:

Sombrero: just like a hat, the mission of Sombrero products is to add a finishing touch and a twist of originality to your cooking. This includes everything from authentic Mexican chilis, like Ancho and Chipotle, to colourful hibiscus flowers which can be used for tea, for cocktails and even as a vegan meat substitute.


Pirucream: for over 30 years, the Sindoni family has been making these delicious treats, honoring their italian traditions and heritage. They were originally branded as Pirulin, but as they expanded internationally they rebranded to Pirucream. 

These delicious rolled wafers are filled with chocolate and hazelnuts or with coconut cream. We recently did a tasting with a renowned Canadian food and wine writer and she described the wafers as “better than Nutella”.  


Havanna: established in Argentina in 1948, Havanna is known for making the world’s most delicious Dulce de Leche (Milk Caramel Spread) and Alfajores.

Alfajores are two round cookies with a generous filling of Dulce de Leche between them and then dipped in pure semisweet chocolate, white chocolate or italian meringue (powdered sugar). 

With over 70 years of history and over 200 shops around the world, Havanna is a globally recognized brand that is sure to delight Canadians. 


Cafe Santo Domingo: The rich aroma of these ground Arabica beans encapsulates the coffee making traditions of the Dominican Republic. 

These traditions have been honed to perfection over the course of three centuries therefore the secrets to the best coffee have been passed down through the generations, leading to the perfect cup to start your day right.

This brand is the market leader in the Dominican Republic, where over 3 million Canadians visit every year and enjoy the beaches of Punta Cana, La Romana, Capcana and the historical capital city, Santo Domingo, which is what this delicious coffee is named after.