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Pre-cooked Tequeños Lolas Food

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Typical Venezuelan dish.

They are fried pastries with a cheese filling. Fried breaded Cheese stick. It is like a cheese stick but much more better

This classic Venezuelan hors d'oeuvre can be made with different types of cheeses, as long as they are firm and good melting cheeses. They also freeze well and can go directly from the freezer into the hot oil. From "The South American Table".

It is most popular in Venezuela and Colombia and getting famous world wide

It is in every occasion, Birthdays, Graduation, Farewell, Welcome, Baptism, Wedding or just in any party. A party is not complete without a TEQUEÑO.

When I think in family, friends, funny, or reunion there is a TEQUEÑO

It has been present at all meetings with family and friends. It is part of our memories

When thinking about Venezuelan cuisine, one cannot forget to mention the TEQUEÑOS

It is one of the most popular snack foods in parties, especially weddings. It is said that a party is not a true Venezuelan party without TEQUEÑOS.



Flour, Eggs, Milk, Salt, Corn or Sunflower oil, Water, Cheese


The name "TEQUEÑO" comes from the town of "Los Teques", capital of the State of Miranda, Venezuela, where it is believed this food was originated. The oldest known references to it come from the first decade of the 19th century. At that time the richest families of Caracas would spend long vacation periods in Los Teques, and it is believed that they started preparing them with the leftover dough of another Venezuelan food, "pastelitos".

Name in different countries

Venezuela: TEQUEÑOS

Colombia: Palitos de queso

Ecuador: Deditos de Queso

Peru: TEQUEÑOS de Peru

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